‘His face was hilarious’: Nicole Kidman responds after awkward Jimmy Fallon clip goes viral

Nicole Kidman has spoken up about her disastrous first date with US talk show host Jimmy Fallon two days after its on-air revelation.

The clip of their amusingly awkward interview soon went viral, clocking up more than 14 million views on YouTube.

Speaking to Fallon on Tonight Show, Kidman revealed how Fallon had a shot with her 10 years ago when she went to his apartment for a date.

But he spectacularly blew it by wearing sweat pants and a baseball cap, putting a video game on and serving her old Chinese food retrieved from his refrigerator.

In his defence, Fallon said he had no idea their meeting had any romantic element. “You mean I dated Nicole Kidman?” he asked her.

The revelation left Fallon red-faced and flustered, retiring to the couch at one point for “therapy”.

Two days after the episode aired, Kidman told Access Hollywood she was surprised at how the pair misjudged the event.

“I can’t believe that two people can so mis-read the same situation,” she said.

Kidman said Fallon and his crew had no idea of her intention to let the old cat out of the bag, and they did not edit anything out of the show.

“I kinda just went in there going, ‘Oh, I don’t know, they were like asking me about Paddington and Nashville and stuff like that in the pre-interview and I didn’t mention this for anything. I was just, like, I think I’ll just bring this up because there we go,” she said.

“His face was hilarious. I was there. I watched him. He didn’t edit anything out.”

“It was fun. I’m so glad Jimmy was so good-natured about it. He was laughing, but I think he was pretty shocked.”

Kidman’s husband Keith Urban may also have been caught by surprise when the date was unveiled on air. Kidman said Urban was aware of the encounter between the two, but not the finer details.

“He knew the story because we watch Fallon… I don’t think he knew it in that detail,” Kidman said.

This is likely to be Kidman’s last word on the failed date with Fallon. Kidman has vowed to not speak more on the issue, referring herself in third person on one occasion.

“This is like, we’re done, no more, please. I need to shut up. Nicole needs to shut up. Please do not lure me back into the Fallon trap,” she told Access Hollywood.

As for Fallon, not long after the interview aired he tweeted “I am so embarrassed”.

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