Saviours of Summer – Sydney’s Festival volunteers are treasured

Saviours of Summer – Festival Volunteers
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John Bayley, head of production for the Sydney Festival is responsible for directing those people who  are its very heart and soul – the volunteers.

Without these hundreds of volunteer workers, the festival as we know it could simply not exist.


Volunteers arrive at their unique locations before the crowds are allowed in for the day.

The task – to clean up, rinse down and get this year’s attractions ready for the excited public.

The two-storey high MC Escher-esque ‘higher ground’ piece of architecture in Sydney’s Hyde park takes an exceptional amount of effort to clean, as it can be touched, climbed on, and played with by festival goers. 


As the day begins to heat up, many attractions are now open to the public and in full swing.

Volunteers are posted at their allocated stations and are there to manage the growing crowds, and assist with safety, both for the people as well as the artworks. Under John’s coordination, the volunteers have in fact worked countless hours leading up to the festival to help create these artworks themselves.


The crowds are bustling, the sun is shining, and the giant waterfall swing in Darling Harbour is hitting a peak in popularity.

With long lines of curious people, the volunteers’ job is to make sure that everyone understands safety and proper protocol regarding the interactive artwork.

This particular artwork has been fitted with a special wheelchair seat, and it’s up to the volunteers to help make sure that those who are disabled get access to the attraction too.


As crowds of people move in and out of various attractions around Sydney, certain volunteers are strategically placed at information points around the festival.

These volunteers are in charge of making sure that festival goers understand what there is to see and where they can see it. John describes the volunteers as the “face of the festival”, and it’s not hard to see why.

The smiling faces of the friendly volunteers are just one of the ways in which they make the Sydney Festival the summer icon that it is.


The hot Sydney summer sun is now down, and the main attractions are closed to the public.

After a hard day of helping out at their various posts, the volunteers help clean up the attractions and make sure everything is ready to go for the next day, knowing that they are helping to create something special for all of Sydney to enjoy.

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